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Summer of 1991

No events have been listed for this summer yet.

Fall Term 1991

  • The Water tower was painted with a large frog with a peace symbol. The inspiration for the design was the song "Peace Frog" by The Doors from their "Morrison Hotel" album. This design remained on the water tower for several years, and a picture of it was used as the cover illustration of the zoobook for the Class of 1997.
  • Carleton celebrated its 125th anniversary.
  • The Halloween Blizzard of 1991 occured accross Minnesota on October 30th thru November 1st. Records were set as 8.2 inches of snow fell on Halloween, with another 18.5 inches falling November 1st, with a total 28.4 inches over the entire storm. Most classes were canceled. As November 1st was a Friday, a very fun weekend began early.


Winter Term 1992

No events have been listed for this term yet.

Spring Term 1992

  • Spring Concert featured the band Soul Asylum, six months prior to the release of their Grammy award winning album "Grave Dancers Union".