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Accepted Students Weekend refers to two weekends each year when accepted prospies are invited to visit the campus and perhaps stay overnight in a dorm. In 2006, second and fourth weekends have been designated as Accepted Students Weekends, because Easter falls during third weekend, and accepted students typically must choose a college by May 1st.

The weekend starts on Thursday when the first of the prospies arrive. Another batch will arrive on Friday, but many come on Thursday. The college hosts various events for them throughout the day, culminating in a speech in the chapel. Following the speech, the prospies are matched with their hosts for the weekend in what can be a rather boring process. Often, it is made more interesting by streakers - in order to give the prospies a good feel for the student body.

Accepted student weekends are notorious for the number of inebriated prospies stumbling about the campus. Although few, if any, incidents merited a response by security during the first of the Spring '06 weekends; previous years have been known to draw the attention of security.

Besides getting a taste for student life, prospies manage to attend a class or two during their stay and usually make it to a show or two - Chelsea, Cujokra, and SUMO are all popular venues. It's often considered in good taste to bring prospies over to the Snack Bar to have one of their amazing cookies.

The Schiller Society is responsible for finding hosts for prospective students. Enrolled students are usually eager to host prospies, as it can be really fun.