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The DVD Fest 2005 Logo

DVD Fest was the original name for a short film festival at Carleton that has been conducted annually since Winter Term 2002. Despite the name, DVDs were only used for film distribution in the first two years of the competition. In light of that fact, Campus Activities, which now organizes and produces the video competition renamed it The Golden Schillers in January 2010.[1]

Apple provided large financial support in the early years of the competition, in an attempt to help promote their brand and their iMovie software (installed on all lab Macs at Carleton). Festivals in a similar vein have since spread to other campuses across the United States, called CampusMovieFest.


DVD Fest was originally conceived in 2002 as a floor life activity by Reed Martin '03.[2] The initial competitions received substantial assistance from the Carleton Dean of Students, Residential Life, Media Services, and Media Relations offices. In addition, Apple helped to finance the event with over a third of the initial year's funding coming from the company. 2 iMacs were placed in each dorm on campus, with time reserved for teams by Resident Assistants for each floor.

The event grew more open-ended in 2004, when the CSA organization CarlMug became responsible for running the event when Martin graduated. Restrictions on floor and house-based teams were lifted, although the majority of teams remain residence based to date. CarlMug also expanded the use of computers in labs and equipment available for teams to check out.

DVD Fest rapidly grew to become a key part of Carleton's culture. Even in the event's infancy, DVD Fest 2002 filled the Concert Hall above capacity. The event was moved to Skinner Chapel for DVD Fest 2006 to address capacity issues.

As the intro film for DVD Fest 2005 stated: "Long ago, there was no DVD Fest in the land of Carleton. The only highlight of Winter Term was the famous Mid-Winter Ball, where year after year students returned to remind themselves that they truly had no idea how to dance."

Past Notable Judges

  • Minnesota Film Board Co-Founder, John Stout '62
  • Producer of NOVA/WGBH/Scientific American Frontiers, Marti Louw '90
  • President of Boss Entertainment and Director of The Last Place on Earth, Jim Slocum '79
  • Executive producer of Splice Here and independent filmmaker, Eric Mueller '87
  • Senior Vice Chancellor of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, Linda Baer



The key rule of DVD Fest is that all filming must take place during the two-week period of sixth week and seventh week. It is also required that iMovie be used exclusively for editing to avoid offering an advantage to students with extensive film editing experience using higher-end software. Cameras and basic sound equipment are loaned out by the Media Studies department, although many students choose to use their own. These rules are designed to place students on roughly equal footing.

The official rules vary slightly each year. See DVD Fest 2005 and DVD Fest 2004.


DVD Fest was officially run by the CSA-chartered organization CarlMug. It is now organized by the Campus Activities office.

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