Horace Goodhue, Jr.

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Horace Goodhue, Jr. (1842-1923), was the first faculty member recruited by President James Strong for Northfield College.
Horace Goodhue, Jr.

Time Magazine wrote that "When Carleton College began to instruct the young of Northfield, Minn, in 1867, its faculty consisted wholly of a stout-souled Dartmouth graduate named Horace Goodhue Jr., who taught 14 classes a day."

"Goodhue was a professor of Greek from 1870 to 1906. In 1891, Professor Goodhue was chosen as Dean of the College, but continued to teach in the Department of Greek and Latin, which received departmental status that same year. In their history of Carleton College, Leal Headley and Merrill Jarchow write: 'In a period when the Greek language and the heroes of it literature assumed major proportions in the curriculum, Professor Goodhue was the acknowledged leader of the faculty.'" Classical Languages Departmental History]

In 1962, a new dormitory on the east side of Lyman Lakes was named for Goodhue.