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Off-campus houses are college-owned buildings that are not dorms but are used to house students. There are over twenty such houses. Many are dedicated specific parts of the Carleton community as interest houses. A group of off-campus houses located between the campus and Division Street are collectively known as called town houses.

Off-campus houses should not be confused with living off-campus through the use of the Northfield Option, which allows students to live in residences that are not owned by the college.

Living off-campus

The application process for off-campus houses varies depending on the house. For those that are designated as interest houses, there is an application period during Winter Term. For others, such as Hall House, rooms are distributed via Room Draw, just as with dorms.

Off-campus houses are not available to freshmen, who are assigned a dorm room based on a preference form.

List of Off-Campus Houses

This list does not include the town houses, which are listed under their own article.

Previous Off-Campus Houses

The following off-campus houses were once available as student housing, but either have been torn down or changed to other uses.

  • Reynolds House, located at 100 Union Street, the home of Jewish House is scheduled to be torn down in the summer of 2010.
  • Watson House, located at 111 Maple Street. Watson House is scheduled to be torn down during the summer of 2010.


The oldest off-campus house was constructed in 1872, just six years after the college's founding.